Ugly Horse is a family band which has been bringing Celtic and Maritime music to the GTA for over three years. The bands three members, Stuart Strickland, Jessica Welsh, and Brian Welsh each play a variety of instruments, bringing a wide range of styles and experience into a fun, raw, and authentic performance.

Brian Welsh:

Has over 40 years of experience playing multiple instruments including; Guitar, Fiddle, Banjo, Accordion, Bodhran, and Uilleann Bagpipes to name a few. His passion for music started at a young age with bluegrass and country blues based music and has been a life long obsession. Brian brings an element of style and experience to the group that strongly shows his passion for music.

Jessica Welsh:

Brian Welsh’s daughter, Jessica also plays a variety of instruments including: Mandolin, Tenor banjo, Irish Bouzouki, Guitar, and vocals. Jessica’s passion for music comes from a long history of love for many different styles of music, and a childhood growing up in a highly musical household. Jessica has been playing music professionally for 5 years and brings an element of edgy, technical, high energy playing that provides an essential part of the over all sound of the band.

Stuart Strickland:

Jessica Welsh’s husband, Stuart has been playing guitar, and singing for over 17 years. Stuart plays a variety of instruments including: Guitar, Mandolin, Irish bouzouki, Tenor Banjo, Harmonicas, Vocals, and Great Highland bagpipes. Stuart’s rural upbringing in a small fishing town in outport Newfoundland and his newfound musical influences through Jessica and Brian Welsh had a tremendous effect on Stuart’s current musical output. In doing so he is now touching base on his Irish and Newfoundland heritage through music and lyrics. His vocal’s are often described as very raw and real, and offers a unique and edgy spin on traditional Irish and maritime music.

The end results are in their charismatic sound and their raw energetic stage show!